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    Hi There

    When I try to download apps onto my 8x they download, but don't install. Instead "attention required" message appears.

    I have canceled the downloads and tried renown loading them. I have also just tried pressing the retry button. None of this works. I have also switched the phone off and on and retried all to no avail.

    If anyone has any suggestions then please let me know. I also have a question. When I tried to download these apps I had about 20% battery left. Does that have an effect on the success rate of the download installing?

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    Did you have WiFi enabled? Some apps are large enough that they can't be downloaded over the cellular network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vedichymn View Post
    Did you have WiFi enabled? Some apps are large enough that they can't be downloaded over the cellular network.
    Beat me to it. If apps are larger than 20MB a WiFi connection is required to download them.
  4. Ultimateone's Avatar

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    check your accounts to make sure you're still signed in and "syncing" correctly.
  5. Mondon's Avatar

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    I am actually connected to wifi. Discovered a strange thing last night.

    When the battery was on 20% it would not install. When I charged it to 35% it installed no problem. Very strange.
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    Is this something to do with Battery Saver?
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    Lumia 620 User.(WP8)
    I have some problem like this also.
    I Manually Downloaded the APK file of ASPHALT 7 HEAT. (Trial) from official Market site.
    I have 3.06 GB free in Phone and 3.19 GB free in SD Card.
    Copied the APK file in SD card, Put it in L620, Rebooted it.
    Store > SD > Asphalt 7 Heat >
    Now as there is no "downloading" to be done its just Installing where after (~roughly) 25% of installing it throws an error "Attention required. Tap here".
    No matter what i do this doesnt seems to let me install it fully.
    Wifi always on, No battery Saver, Find My phone ON (but shows off in little fonts, but its on i think.)
    Anything more !?
    I planned to check out the trial version of Heat and Buy it afterwards, but this is really not cool.

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