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  1. Riversair's Avatar

    4 Posts
    Hello all,

    This problem is perplexing me. I've had a HTC 8X Windows 8 Phone since the launch. It works perfectly. Never had any issue, until today!

    I have a password set on the, for no reason, when I go to "type" the password on the registers what I press as other numbers. For example, my password starts with a "0"...When I press 0, the 8 comes up. Similiarly, when I press the <- (backspace key), 9 comes up. I've been locked out many times, most recently, almost 4 hours. I've restarted the phone (hold power down for 10 seconds) - No luck. Similarly, I've also installed the Windows Phone desktop software with the thought that I could unlock via the PC (I could do this in the blackberry software in the old days), that also didnt work. Any ideas? I've tried carefully to tap around the screen, and I know moving the slider/up down will clear out what I types...but I am just not having much luck. Is there anyway to reset the password - or - unlock (I DO KNOW the password - it's my phone! ) ? The AT&T folks asked me when it does get off the time lock, if the screen rotates..or if I could use voice recognition..(I dont think it does, to either).

    Also, the phone has not been dropped or anything and its in perfect conditioning. When I go to "emergency call" the different set of buttons works perfectly and also when I go to camera those buttons work perfectly.

    Help would be appreciated.


  2. Blkacesvf41's Avatar

    1,167 Posts
    Global Posts
    60 Global Posts
    Is this a phone that you could a battery pull on? That's a tough break.
  3. Riversair's Avatar

    4 Posts
       #3 8x you cannot
  4. Ray Rogers's Avatar

    13 Posts
    The numbers that come up, are they random? If they are not, you could remap the keypad by writing down the alternate numbers.
  5. Riversair's Avatar

    4 Posts
    There are twelve keys:
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9
    Blank 0 backspace

    When I hit bank, 7 comes up, 0, 8, backspace, 9
    The closest I can come to getting the 0 as the first number is 8 then 0 almost together (I can tell because they light up), but I need the 0 first
  6. envio's Avatar

    295 Posts
    So in essence, when typing in the bottom row of keys, the next row above is registered instead? Does the same thing happen when you attempt to type the next row above i.e. 7,8,9 - does 4,5,6 register instead? Assuming you can eventually un-lock the phone, have you tried removing the password and then creating a different one?
  7. Riversair's Avatar

    4 Posts
    No.... 123, 456, 789 all work fine. The problems seem to lie with the 0 and backspace. If I press 0, 8 lights up, if I press the bottom part of 0, I get 8-0 (at same time) I havent figured out a way to unlock the phone, but removing the password would be first thing I would do if I could get in.
  8. Vheissu's Avatar

    111 Posts
    I've never had this problem with my 8x but i would suggest trying a soft reset [ Volume Down + Power] then from there if that doesn't work i would contact HTC directly, they would be more helpful as far as trouble shooting goes than a carrier.

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