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    I know there are quite a few posts about this so sorry for starting another on but its got ten times worse for me. Im running a HTC 8x Black on O2.

    Before when I got the sim error I just had to restart the phone and it would work fine. However in the last week restarting the phone does not make a difference.

    You have to restart it about 5 times and then a message will appear saying the phone has changed to GSM network and work normal. It doesnt matter what you do in these 5 reboots clean the slot etc. it just will not work.

    Ive had the phone about 2 months and it is happening maybe twice a week. Im a bit lost as to what I should do??
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    I had this also, happening once a day. Found reseating the sim card and blowing in the slot incase of dust etc solved this. Never happened since.
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    Go have the SIM replaced. Some older 4g sims don't play nice with newer phones. I had mine replaced on Verizon and no more problems. Ask for a new SIM, not one that's been in stock for a year.
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    When I got my 8X it had a camera issue so I sent it for warranty after a month of owning... When it came back, the camera was fixed but I couldn't get service anymore and had the same message every time I put a SIM card in. I figured it had something to do with the antenna cables not being reconnected or something. I sent it back again and it's supposed to be here and fixed on Tuesday... I'll update you on the situation and tell you what they fixed.
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    Thanks for the responses.
    It was a new sim card when I got the phone because I had to swap from a normal sim to a micro sim.

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