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    I am going to possibly by an att SIM card or att mvno SIM card for my 8x. My plan is to go ahead and buy the SIM card this weekend and I plan to buy myself a Nokia Lumia 920 next weekend.

    I know my 8x on Verizon is unlocked as I was able to make and receive calls with my old T-Mobile SIM. But what bands do I need to make sure it is comparable with att and att mvno.
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    I can confirm that the Verizon 8x works with ATT sim. Did it last week.
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    I can also confirm that mine worked with AT&T. I was switching from AT&T > Verizon, so I used my AT&T SIM in the phone so I could get used to it.
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    Thanks. I managed to use my 8x on att. Now I have a 920 :D

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