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    We need to get the message out to Verizon that we want group texting back.

    Here's their Twitter page.

    Here's their Facebook page.

    You can also contact them on their website through phone, chat, or email.

    Just say something like "You guys need to add support for group texting back into the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 822. It's inexcusable to not have it. Thanks."
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    This is on other threads. Verizon stated group texting should be here this year possibly May
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    What's wrong with the Group Texting feature that is built in on the 822? Go to your People Tile, swipe to Together, scroll down to Groups. Create your groups.
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    Yeah, that works, but when you receive a group message, it appears to only come from one person, not everyone. You still send texts to everyone, but it seems like you're sending to one person, and when others in the same thread message you, it seems to only come from them

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