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  1. Taein Kim's Avatar

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    Does Windows phone 8 support this? Or any app that does this?
    I often listen to audiobook on my commute but i also like to listen to music and go back to my audiobook listening.
    It is hassle having to remember which track and how many minutes i have been listening to the track.
  2. WavingReds's Avatar

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    The Music Hub / App does do it
  3. Taein Kim's Avatar

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    is the name of the app "the music hub" ?
    i can't find it n appstore for win phone 8
  4. Aris Dzervans's Avatar

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    Did you found a soulution for this issue?
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    When I bought my 8 x it was the biggest disappointment in WP8, so I wrote my own audiobook player.
    Digital Audio Book

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