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    Hey guys,

    Still exploring windows phone 8. I just went to the store and found out that there is an update for my twitter app.
    I've pin the Store tile on my homescreen but why isn't there any notification telling me that I have a app to update?
    Do I need to go through the pain of going to every single app that I've download and manually check for updates?
    Did I miss out some settings? WP gurus enlighten me!

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    This thread has some suggestions that have worked for some people. Store not showing App Updates.
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    For me there's a couple of hours delay from when I read about an update on wpcentral to when it shows up on my store tile.
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    Here's what I did (I do not know exactly what helped, but this is all I did).
    - Factory reset phone
    - Turn ON Find my phone
    - Unpin store
    - Erase IE history
    - Install a new keyboard (any language you did not downloaded)
    - After it installs, it will automatically reset the phone. Takes about 10 minutes
    - Uninstall the keyboard
    - Do a soft reset (volume down + power)
    - Re-pin store.

    Updates not received immediately. It's been 10 hours until I got the update. I do not know if I will continue to get them, and if it is now fixed.

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