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    Not sure what's causing this, but my IE is majorly screwed up, and I don't know how to fix it.

    Basically, I can't do tabs on it anymore. Every time I open the browser, it opens as a blank page, and if I hit the Tabs function in the menu, it takes me to a blank black page where the "+" button is greyed out. I have IE set to open in each link in the same tab. If I change it to open in a NEW tab, then it immediately crashes, and I cannot open IE AT ALL.

    The only way to get it functional again is to go under "Settings > Applications" and change IE back to open pages in the same tab. But it still won't let me have multiple tabs open.

    I have 1GB of space free on my Arrive and have deleted the browser history/cache. Restarted. No dice.

    Fuse has been slower and glitchier than ever as well.

    Any ideas? (Don't care that much about Fuse, but IE is CRUCIAL).
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    If you ever backed up to Zune you can reflash from your computer. it is different than resetting. If you didn't reset you can flash a clean OS, but you can Bing the technique. WP Central has directions.

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