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    I really like this phone but the speakerphone is awful so Iím wondering if mine is faulty or if it is just a poor design. Does anyone else have a similarly poor experience?

    Itís an Orange UK phone although Iíve unlocked it but tethering is blocked which is a pain as I donít want to mess with custom ROMs. Iíll ask Orange if they expect this to change when it gets the 7.8 update.
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    Mine seems to go in and out every now and then which can be annoying however I wouldn't call it any better or worse than any other speakerphone I have used.

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    Mine has gotten really choppy the last few days. At first I thought it was just the connection quality, but dropping off speaker makes it clear as a bell.

    I need to call and see if it is something they can take care of under warranty.

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