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    I have thought about going without a case but I am afraid of breaking the lens on my camera. What do you guys do? It looks and feels much nicer without the case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdubmu View Post
    I have thought about going without a case but I am afraid of breaking the lens on my camera. What do you guys do? It looks and feels much nicer without the case.
    Go Shawn Kemp! lol Anyways, please don't say "naked" when it comes to a phone (sounds dumb to me..then again I might be the dumb one)! To me, any phone should go without a case unless you need one fro grip. Sure there is a higher chance for damage, but I like to see a phone's design compared to a tacky case.
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    I would get a case for any phone that is $200 + or if the screen is delicate.

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    I only clicked because I saw the word naked. :(
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    I never use a case, and have never broken a phone. As soon as I went capacitive I stopped using screen protectors too, and my screen is still pristine. (My old resistive screens always got scratched up at the bottom where I dragged the stylus all day.) I've had my HD7 for 22 months and don't even treat it that well, but it's still in great shape.

    Don't hide your phone in a case.
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    I never use cases. I like to enjoy the phone's look. I am not hard on devices and have never scratched the screen, phone casing, camera lens, etc. I am just careful that way. If I wasn't, I would be more prone to getting a case. My phone is never near a ledge, never next to liquid, etc.
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    If any phone has ever been designed to be carried naked it's the Titan 2!! I love the way the back feels. I carry mine "front right pocket, screen in, top down"

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    I use a case ...but when I do use it naked man it feels amazing lol. I use a case to protect the camera lens. I just bought 2 new cases, I love this neon green one I'll post a pic soon ...
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    Pics of my new NEON GREEN case ... Taken by my old Samsung Focus lol

    I love BRIGHT colors lol
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    I use mine sans case. I don't particularly care about minor scratches on the case. I just keep it in opposite pocket my keys are in. Also the glass on the screen is plenty scratch resistant. This phone is big enough as it is, a case would make it really cumbersome for me to use. My only concern (as with all phones with gorilla glass screens) is that dropping it from a distance will crack the screen. So far I've been pretty careful/lucky. Not everyone is this way though, cases make more sense for some people :P
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    My wife has hers in a case, but I understand not using one. It is a nice looking phone, worthy of showing off. It is also solid enough to take a little abuse without serious damage.
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