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  1. campbellc's Avatar

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    Any word on whether the Titan II will get WP 7.8?
  2. Hung Cuong's Avatar

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    I think we also never get 7.8. I sent an email to MS and HTC. They just anwsered that "no specific date no specific devices"
  3. banjaboo's Avatar

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    I think we will, we didn't really need Tango, would have been nice for a update but not that big of a deal. I think they were just waiting for 7.8! (FINGERS CROSSED) LOL!
  4. Squatting Hen's Avatar

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    One of the few reasons why my new device is a Nokia.
  5. trazer's Avatar

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    I'm betting no.
  6. z33dev33l's Avatar

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    I didn't know anyone actually bought those... Not that there's anything wrong with it, I've just never even seen one.
  7. snowmutt's Avatar

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    Of course the T2 will get 7.8. So will the original Titan.

    It just might take a few more months. Or so.


    I hope.
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