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    iam new to use windows phone..
    htc titan at n t(sim unlocked)....
    and iam annoyed with its lack of basic functions and blockage of access for features....

    configuration :
    htc pi 39100
    os: 7 10 7720 68
    fw: 1600 2200 11004 502
    bootloader: 1 10 160015 3(132409)
    chip soc:1600

    thats about my phone....and i want to UNLOCK(developer and interop) it .....

    >folder access
    >isolated storage access
    >home brew app insatll....

    iam confused how to do these things.....please explain "BRIEFLYYYYYY" the way

    [GUIDE] INTEROP-UNLOCK for MANGO - No 0x81030120 (Samsung/LG/HTC 1st gen) - xda-developers
    [DFT] HSPL for HTC WP7 Second Generation - xda-developers
    The Complete Guide to Jailbreaking Windows Phone 7.5 (Updated September 27th) - Windows Phone Hacker
    WP7 Root Tools - Unleash the power of Windows Phone - Unlocks explained

    like this are the links....
    and i cannot grasp as iam new....
    .please just telll what is required must/optional............

    what is..?

    2)y cable.....files to download.....and in those links........

    3) what LINK SUFFIENCIENT for my LEVEL and what is not required for me.....

    4) things needed to download required only

    5)time taken totally

    6)if failed i.e >bricked< can we unbrick and how to....

    7) at last is there any video for htc titan 7.5 unlocking......

    just a brief answer is sufficient....thanks in advance

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