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    So I've had my HTC Trophy since day 1 on Verizon. Unfortunately, last night I accidentally dropped it in the bathtub (don't ask). Although I removed it from the water quickly, it was fully submerged. The capacitive buttons were lit up, but the screen was black (not sure if it timed out or what). I immediately rushed to remove the battery and tried to dry things off. I then put the phone and battery in rice, hoping to save the phone. I let things sit in rice by the window all day while I was at work, then inspected the phone. I noticed some water droplets inside the camera lense, so decided to take the phone apart, aided by a video posted online. I dried things off a bit and then put the individual pieces in rice, except one of them that I put in with some silica gel desicates. I was getting anxious but left the components in the bags for a few hours. I then decided to reassemble things and try my luck. I held the power button and VOILA! It powered up! Everything seems to be working mostly fine at this point (I did manage to break one of the screws, though...shouldn't be a big deal). So my Trophy is once again functioning. Needless to say, I'm pretty thrilled about it.
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    Glad to hear it! Having to get a phone when you're not planning on it stinks.
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    Yeah I wasn't looking forward to doing that, as I'm not eligible for an upgrade and, even if I were, I want to wait until they get an Apollo device.

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