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    I recently picked up a Lumia 920. I plan on selling my Trophy on Ebay to get a few extra bux from it. However, after not turning it on in a few weeks, it will not power on. It will not charge. I checked the batter using a Fluke and it is completely dead. I also plugged in the USB cable into the phone and checked the pins on the phone with the battery out. Seems that its charging at 1.6 vdc

    If someone has a moment, and a multi-meter, can you check and see if this is normal charging voltage? Seems low to me but its only a 3.7 vdc battery so maybe its ok. It still should do enough to charge it over a long period of time I would think. Though, just came to me. I know the phone usually tries to turn on when plugged in so who knows.

    Anyways, Id really appreciate if someone could check this for me.

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