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    seems like i got a demo rom in my trophy and need help to flash a stock working rom for a verizon trophy.. please help i like this phone..
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    You could flash the phone and get the stock rom on it, or you can just return it to Verizon asking for a replacement free of charge.
  3. thed's Avatar

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    Your best bet is looking on the xda-developers forums to find a stock ROM. I've looked a bit but I haven't been able to find one yet. I'll see if I can do some more looking later.
  4. thed's Avatar

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    Well even though I'm pretty inexperienced at this kind of thing, I can try to help since nobody else has chimed in. That is, as long you're using the Verizon version of the Trophy. Is yours a Verizon Trophy?
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    If you want to get a factory rom, take a look over at XDA...

    if you want a custom rom...

    How to: Install a custom rom with Verizon HTC Trophy... and get 7.8 final TODAY !

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