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    Hello everyone,

    The name is eLseStudio, well, we're just two people here anyway. I being the coder and my girl being the designer for our application. So, here's our story.

    I started out with a Lumia Challenge event ran by Nokia Singapore, which given me a free Lumia 800 with the condition that I need to build 3 different apps in 3 months. I am a full time game programmer and I always looking for chances to dive into mobile. This seemed to be the best chance I can ever get.

    So here we are, 3 months after taking up the challenge and built 3 fine apps that we're proud of. Though, the applications are not getting any attention they deserved. And I think big part of it is because we do not get our words out a lot and the community do not know about us. We not giving enough! I decide to join the more popular blog and forum, yes, WPCentral! To start blending into the WP7.

    Windows Phone is the best mobile OS imo and I see great future with it. We've great hope in it!
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    Welcome ElseStudio! Welcome to Wpcentral!!

    I see you are already acquainted with our Developer program :)

    glad to have you here :)
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    Always great to see a new developer for the platform, and of course new users. Welcome and looking forward to seeing your contributions.
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    Welcome aboard!

    Thanks for the link to your blog. Very interesting reading!
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    Hi ElseStudio. Thanks for getting involved as a developer. :) It is always awesome when new folks build more apps.

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    Oh wow, thanks for the warm welcome everyone :)

    I really felt good towards this forum. Everyone is friendly and helpful.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stiv View Post
    Welcome aboard!

    Thanks for the link to your blog. Very interesting reading!
    Thanks for visiting our blog.

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