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    Hello I just switched from android to my new HTC 8x. So far i like the phone, it is definitely different and I have a ton of questions. Should I ask those here or in the HTC 8x only section? Some questions are htc related others are windows phones in general
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    Hello and welcome to the community! You can create two separate threads if you wish, or combine them altogether in either the HTC forum, or the Windows Phone 8 forum (since you have question on each topic). Completely up to you

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    Ok cool well I'll just ask the basics here.
    1) How do I transfer music to my phone, is it like android phones where the internal memory just shows up or is there a program like iTunes?
    2) What is the difference between xbox live games and regular games?
    3) How do I pay for apps/games?
    4) What is all of the Xbox stuff, like music+video, xbox games
    5) How do I kill apps running in the back ground? I heard that I need to use the back button to leave apps instead of the home button, is this true?
    6) Htc 8x question- Does the led notification light that comes on when charging, work with text messages?
    I think thats all for now, hopefully you all can help

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