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  1. RZaakir's Avatar

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    Hi everyone,

    Just introducing myself. My name is Rashid, I am 35 and live in Atlanta Ga. Been a WP user since early 2011 when I bought an HTC Arrive. I have a Lumia 920 now and love it to death. I work as a software developer and am currently working on apps that fully take advantage of the Windows Phone experience.

    It is a pleasure to be on board. I look forward to interacting with other enthusiasts!
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    Welcome Rashid...I am XENOPHOS and I am from India...i have a Droid RAZR and I hate it to death. And I am going to buy the HTC 8S as soon as it arrives in Domino Black in my country...
    Welcome again!

    Sent from my RaZr on MIUI.
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  3. crystal_planet's Avatar

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    Welcome to the board! What sort of apps are you working on?
    My next phone...
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    Nice to meet a fellow developer! Good to have you on board! Welcome from that rainy old turdhole that is Leeds (I kid, I kid, but welcome anyway!) - I'm just trying to learn WP development though.

    "Fortune cookie said: 'Outlook not so good'. I said: 'Sure, but Microsoft ships it anyway'."
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  5. Reflexx's Avatar

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    I can't wait to see what kind of apps/games you come up with.

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    Hi Rashid and welcome to WPCentral. That's awesome you are working on some new apps.
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  7. RZaakir's Avatar

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    Hi everyone, I made this post and never responded. Thank you all (belatedly) for the warm welcome! I hope to be more active now!
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    Welcome to WPCentral! I can't wait to see what you come up with in developing. If you have any concerns, post here in the forums and we will be glad to assist you. :)
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    Welcome aboard to WP central!!
    Remember to post your apps in the app forums and good luck.
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    Welcome again! Hope to see you around the forums!
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    Welcome to WPC cant wait to see your app!!!
    The craziest member on WPCentral!

    SONY Windows Phone 8.1 release sometime in June!
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    hey guys how do i flash my lumia 920 cause ever since the amper update its been really glitchy please help
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    Welcome to the forum, if you need any help let us know, we are all here to help you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gerhard101 View Post
    hey guys how do i flash my lumia 920 cause ever since the amper update its been really glitchy please help
    I believe the directions are available on the 920 forum.

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