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    Hola everyone , I have been loving these forums from a long time but never made an account

    I have been jailbreaking since day one with my iphone and ipod and was like a jailbreak expert
    anyways my iphone got stolen in the summer at the airpot and i decided to try out a windows phone cuz i hate android

    the nokia lumia 900 is now my baby , i love the windows operating system and love to come here and contribute news and ideas

    Im the only kid in my school with a windows phone , feel pretty special

    im 18
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    I know, it makes you feel like you're part of some special club, right? Congrats on your Lumia 900. Too bad we won't be getting WP8. Hopefully the 7.8 update will roll out soon.
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    Welcome aboard. I'm sure you'll find some good stuff and good people in the 900 forum and other forums as well.
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    The 7.8 update was on my Christmas list
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    Hi superchalupa24 and welcome to WPCentral!
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    Bienvenue WPCentral mon ami!
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    Chalupas rock. Super chalupas rock super.

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