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    Hi from Shanghai.

    I'm from Italy. After going through the "tock" iterations of the iPhone (original, 3gs, 4s) - I've moved to the Lumia 920 to bet on a Microsoft ecosystem.
    WP8, Windows 8 pc, Windows 8-based media center. After all that's where my roots are, from DOS 5.0 onward..


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    One word for you: Congratulations! Welcome! oh that's two... xD
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    Thanks :)

    The only things I can't really stand about WP8 so far (2 weeks into the new phone): task killing, and the way the OS deals with suspended apps.
    The first is an os-only flaw: killing tasks with the back button and being sent to the start screen is just plain confusing, unintuitive, unnatural.
    The second may be bad app design from third parts, but many apps will just sort of "reboot" when recalled from suspension.

    All the rest, as the lack of VPN and WPA2 Enterprise support, is a bunch of small holes that will patched for sure in time, so I don't care.
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    Welcome and have fun with your 920! (I certainly have).
    Regarding the "killing tasks" issue: It took me a while to get used to it, but meanwhile, I like it.
    BTW, I really, really like the way Symbian is handling this, though. Just press the middle button for a while, see all your task (similar to WP), touch the little "x" in the corner (Different to WP), task gone.
    Happy WP user :P
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    Welcome to the land of 920 and Windows Phone. I think some of those small holes you mentioned will be filled in the near future.
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    Welcome aboard. I think that in a few months you'll be so used to the way WP does things that it will be hard to imagine doing it another way again.

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