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    Greetings all. Coming to WP8 on a Lumia 810 after getting tired of repairing my tried-and-true Nexus One and wanting a change of pace. Watching the interviews with Joe Belfiore and Marko Ahtisaari convinced me that WP8 on a Nokia was the way to go. It's nice being back on a Nokia after having had such excellent experiences with them in the past. I found the 810 to be very easy to setup with FB, gMail, and twitter, and the hardware is very nice. I don't find it too heavy or blocky at all. Looking forward to "kicking the tires" on it a bit more and seeing what's what. Cheers.
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    Welcome to Wpcentral man :-)
    - Xbox Account: SocialDanny123 Twitter: @SuDanny123

    Lived in LA USA now moved to Auckland New Zealand :-)

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    Welcome. I came from Germany and I am very happy to see Nokia here as well. Love the phone.
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    It great to hear your enjoying Windows Phone 8 and your new phone

    Also Welcome to the community hope found everything alright

    The craziest member on WPCentral!

    SONY Windows Phone 8.1 release sometime in June!

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