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    Hello everyone,
    at the begin of December I've got my Lumia920 (first Nokia branded phone ever owned) after a few years with an iPhone3GS: what a nice upgrade!
    Since I like safer OS I never liked Android, and I was quite bored with the Apple products so I decided to move to WP and since then I'm getting an even more satisfied user!
    I followed this site since the Lumia920 was presented and recently I checked the news and forums even more, so I decided to write something also here!
    I'm a 22 years old guy coming from the north of Italy.
    I hope to continue learning new stuffs... and maybe I'll also try to help if I get the chance! :D
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    Benvenuti mitixx! (Did I do that right?)

    We're excited to have you around the forums. Be sure to use the search capabilities for trouble shooting any problems before making a new thread. Helps keep the place clean and tidy. That said, we're a nice group overall :)
    Sam Sabri
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    Welcome aboard mitixx too WP Central, need help this is the place we are all here for any problems or questions you may need.

    HTC Trophy - Nokia Lumia 822 & 928

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