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    I am new to Windows Phone and I was looking for some support to get a few apps built for Windows Phone by getting this petition signed

    This is for Amazon Cloud Player

    The next app I will try to get made is Pandora.

    I've already contacted the companies but they don't feel like enough of their customers use windows phone. ;(
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    Welcome aboard ⚓Matthew to wpcentrals forums always great to have another app developer here.
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    welcome Matthew! I'm new here as well. Hope you are enjoying your Windows Phone thus far!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Girard View Post
    welcome Matthew! I'm new here as well. Hope you are enjoying your Windows Phone thus far!
    Welcome Steve to wpcentral glad to have you here hope you like your new device. :)
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    Hi and welcome to WPCentral.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaunmicky View Post
    hi everyone
    Welcome aboard ⚓ great to have you here, need any help just post in the area of interest and someone will answer.
    Again Wecome
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    Quote Originally Posted by puppy girl View Post
    Hi friends,
    I am new user here.I am very happy to join this community...............
    Welcome puppygirl to wpcentrals forums were glad to have you here.
    Again Welcome
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    "-Welcome here, stay a while, stay fooreeever!! Muhahaha.." ops, that was my evil side. Lets try again..ahem.

    I of cause mean very welcome to the best community for Windows Phones.

    First lines is actually a old video game I quoted so don't get any ideas im funny or something, because I'm quite boring, yes sir.
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    Welcome all newbies ��

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