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  1. Fuzzeke's Avatar

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    Hi everyone :)
    Fuzzeke (Erik) here, signing in from the Netherlands.
    Made the jump from Android, Xperia x10, to WP8 just last Thursday.
    So been playing around with this new phone for a couple of days now.
    Got myself a HTC 8x and loving it pretty much so far, eventhough the idea of the tiles is simple it is still cool how much you can costumize it.

    Anyway, i'll be strolling around the forums from now on and keep up to date with everything related. (already been browsing most of the sticky's!)

    so.. Hi :D
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    Welcome to WPC!
  3. summer600's Avatar

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    Fellow Dutchman, welcome to WPCentral and good luck with the HTC 8X.
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    Welcome, I also own the 8X and I love mine too. Enjoy!
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    Welcome aboard ⚓Fuzzeke, nice to have you here at wpcentrals forums just post question of interest in the right area of the forums and you get lots of help there. Good luck with your new htc 8x
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    Good to have you with us. Feel free to add anything you learn about your 8x to the forums and stickies you've been browsing.
  7. Fuzzeke's Avatar

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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :)
    I hope I can contribute something to the forums and if I got any questions I'm sure I'll ask!
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    Hi Erik and welcome to WPCentral.

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