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    Marc Bolh here, founder of VidaLingua. We publish multilingual dictionaries for Windows Phones.

    Thanks for all the great work you do at WPCentral to promote Windows Phones and apps!

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    Welcome! As a developer, I can see you are clearly versed in the art of shameless plugs! lol
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    Hey Marc, welcome to WPCentral! We've got a great developer community here, I'm sure you'll fit it juuust right. :D
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    Welcome aboard Marc, to WP central great to have you here and I look forward too seeing some of your work.
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    Welcome. We have areas for you to share your apps too. Be good to have you share your apps with us there.

    "Fortune cookie said: 'Outlook not so good'. I said: 'Sure, but Microsoft ships it anyway'."
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    Welcome Marc to the community
    The craziest member on WPCentral!

    SONY Windows Phone 8.1 release sometime in June!

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