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    Greetings from Pennsylvania!

    I'm a computer-security professional, and after having used a BlackBerry for over a decade, and having tested multiple iOS and Android devices, I'm finally getting a phone of my own -- a Lumia 1020!
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    Welcome to WPC Alan. Please look around the place and ask any questions you might have about WP8. Good luck with your new 1020!
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    Greetings my friend,

    Welcome to wpcentral. Please feel free to browse and post in the forums. Hope you like it here.
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    Hey Alan, great choice of phone! The 1020 forums are a hive of activity at the moment. Great to see you here!
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    Hi Alen Teew, and Welcome aboard to WP central forums. I am also from Pennsylvania, shavertown area 2-1/2 hours away my wife an i Love the Philly area especially south street "jimmy's cheese steaks". Hope you're enjoying the 1020 sounds like a great phone.
    Good luck.
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    Welcome to WPCentral!
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    Hi, welcome!

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