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    So, I've not seen this problem yet.

    I have a Lumia 810. Use the Windows Phone app to sync.

    I dont' have the crashing of the app problem others complain about. I just can't get music on my phone.

    I originally had a 32 gb ultra class 10 Sandisk. It did not sync properly. The phone said there was something wrong with the card. I was able to get some songs (maybe 5%) on but they would not all transfer and the transfers took around 8 hours for the few I got on the phone.

    So, I bought a new 64 gb ultra class 10 Sandisk. Now the phone recognizes the card but I can't get any music on the card. I tried drag and drop straight to the card on my computer but the phone said files did not exist.

    I have tried several times. Restart phone, restart computer. Always hit allow access to files. I even reset the phone.

    Any solutions or do I just have to wait until Microsoft gets their **** together?
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    You should have your music in your itunes folder. It should be downloaded to your harddrive.

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