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    I am selling a White Lumia 900 in perfect condition. I looked the phone over as closely as possible and could not find a single scratch. It works great and comes with a charger. I am also selling a Samsung Focus that is in very good condition. It's always been in a case and only has the slightest scratches on the screen (they are so light I have a hard time even calling them scratches). The Focus comes with a charger, case and a 32GB SD card.

    I am selling the 900 for $200 and the Focus for $90. (Both for $275)

    The phones are located in Portland Maine. If you are local we can meet so you can inspect the phones. I will ship anywhere in the US for $5 otherwise.

    I would prefer PayPal but personal/bank check is fine. (Just need to wait extra time for personal checks to clear)

    I'm not listing these on ebay but my ebay name is Amazinghambone if you want to see my selling record.

    I will take a few pictures later and add them.

    Thank you.
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    Ohh and I will also trade both for a GS3 or a 8X.
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    Please post pictures of the items, as specified in the rules for selling items, or the thread will be closed.
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    I'm really interested in the Lumia 900, could you post some pictures please?
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    Here are some pictures of the 900 and my baby and cat.

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    Haha! Interesting to see someone on here from Portland, ME - that's where we moved from - Scarborough, specifically.

    Good luck selling the phones. They are both great. I'd purchase one if I didn't already have a 900 on the way and two Samsung Focuses ;) Good luck selling though!
  7. invertme's Avatar

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    Thanks, yeah I have 1 900, 2 Focus and 2 920s now. I think I have overdone it a little :)

    I hope they sell here. I hate using Ebay. I think the fees are insane.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknc View Post
    I agree. I calculated and after shipping , paypal and ebay fees and all the extras I was short 25% (I had to use signature confirmation plus insurance as it was > $400 purchase). Plus I have noticed ebays pricing calculator is inaccurate - especially since they charge fees on the actual shipping paid by the buyer and then paypal charges their fees on the shipping cost too ! Incredible. I think greed has taken over ebay.

    I was well on my way to being a power seller on ebay and then they increased fees (twice), bought paypal and increased those fees. I was done after that. I wish some other auction site could take them out. I guess there is always craigs list but I think people only use that for renting girlfriends now.
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    One more bump before these go on eBay.
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    Just as a side note if you want to avoid ebay, check and see if your area has a Facebook Swap type of page. They are very popular here, every little town and even county has them. It makes it easy to connect with local people who are looking to buy or sell things. We haven't used Craigslist in ages. Here is an example of one that is cell phone oriented, but I have seen general swaps, kid-stuff, cars, etc.

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    I assume the 900 has been sold ?
  12. invertme's Avatar

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    Sorry I didn't see your response. I actually still have it. I'm too lazy to list on ebay :)
  13. MAkhdar's Avatar

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    Did you sell any of them?

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