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    Admittedly the Band and then the Band 2 are my only experiences with this type of device.

    I've been through the Band 2 battery not charging and the splitting of the band/strap problem (twice) and each time MS replaced the Band 2. The most recent was in September 2016. I was so super careful knowing they were discontinued. I read they "improved" the band/strap too. Five months later the split band happened on this latest replacement.

    I was aware of probably not getting a replacement this time because there aren't any left anymore. Apparently some kind of refund instead. I sent it back anyway specifically requesting a replacement and now hoping for a miracle. I even called after ten days to check status (not available online) and was told to "Wait fifteen business days" and you'll get an answer. I asked that a note about requesting a replacement rather than refund be put in my record. The split was a single straight split that was about halfway across the strap and I could have superglued perhaps. In a few days I'll get my answer but I am not hopeful.

    After sending my Band 2 back I realized how much I relied upon and missed the device. Hitting my step goals, getting and reading texts, hiking with GPS, sometimes sleep tracking, control Groove Music, Cortana etc etc not to mention rotate mode to check the time.

    I missed my Band 2. I hope a Band 3 running Windows 10 IoT type device is in the future.

    Meantime, I accepted the fact that they don't last very long and set myself on a mission to get a few Band 2 Large devices from where ever I could find them.

    Within a week I had acquired one that was very good condition (perfect display with some little nicks where the clip attaches) and works perfect. A quick clean with isopropyl alcohol, added device to Band App on Win10 Mobile phone and I was back in Band 2. I found it in Seattle. Owner needed Medium which is why he sold it. $100. I'm in S. California. This is now my user.

    Another NEW off EBAY, sealed box and perfect. Tested and works perfect.

    I found a "pimped" Band 2 in central California "rarely worn". $80 and I Removed the add-on "protection" off the screen, clip and back and it's like new. Works perfect.

    Found one in Colorado $100. It's appears new and works perfect.

    I thought I was set until the Band 3 comes out, Battery dies, no problem, backup. Band splits-live with it, glue it or use back up.

    Then two days ago one popped up as "worn once" for $75. incl shipping! I couldn't resist. Arrives tomorrow. (Update): Arrived and is excellent condition and works perfect.

    I should find out in the next day or two what will happen with MS and the under warranty Band 2 I returned. If I get a New Band 2 I can sell it. If I get a pro-rated refund I will not have spent much money to stay in the Band 2 world, with backups.

    Definition of insanity. Maybe. Happiness is a warm Band 2.

    PS. If you are looking for Medium or Small Band 2 you are much better off than Large.
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    03-15-2017 04:36 PM
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    My third and last Band 2 died a couple of days ago. I give up, I don't have your patience to keep dealing with it. I went to the store and they offered me a Fitbit Surge and some other model as a straight swap or a refund. I don't like Fitbit so I took the refund. Annoying, but at least they were nice about it. Now I have to figure out what to get next.
    03-15-2017 05:44 PM
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    My band 2 split 3 weeks after the warranty ran out, as we don't have stores here in the UK and it's really difficult to speak to an agent about the issue (due to no warranty) I'm loath to buy another despite it being an awesome device.
    03-15-2017 06:05 PM

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