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    As many of you are aware, our long lasting MSN Messenger is down for the count (except for China) and is to be replaced with Skype.

    So does this mean that our Messaging Hub app that is baked in the 7.5 OS will then be obsolete? Do you think that this is an indication that the 7.8 will have Skype running in the background? Is this something that will come as another update before March 15th? Or are we (7.x users) out of luck and will have to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 to have our trusty new Skype chatting app running in the background again? What do you guys think?
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  2. sanders2232's Avatar

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    I'm stoked for this! Having it integrated into the messaging hub would be sick and I will only use my messaging hub! No more 3rd party messaging apps, brilliant.
  3. _Haitian's Avatar

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    I hope that's the case. I can't see any other way around it other than, as you mentioned, a third party app.
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    hmm... that latter part u mentioned about 7.8 getting Skype integrated instead is very intriguing... i hope it turns out to be true
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    Quote Originally Posted by _Haitian View Post
    I hope that's the case. I can't see any other way around it other than, as you mentioned, a third party app.
    I agree with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazz555 View Post
    I agree with you.

    As much as I hate to say it... one of the biggest features that I enjoy in the iOS operating system is iMessage. Or just the ability to send messages over WiFi. Messenger has been an awesome alternative, and conveniently syncs with my Windows 8 desktop inside of the Messages hub. With Skype coming, and MSN Messenger leaving, I would absolutely hate to have to use Skype in a Skype app, outside of the Messages hub. Just simply: that would ragingly suck, and I'd probably never use Skype with my iOS and OSX friends.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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