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    Hello all,

    Not sure which forum to put this in. I switched on my Xbox today and there was an advert for the Samsung Galaxy Note. Does this not seem bizarre to anyone? Should there not be an advert for a sack load of Windows phone products?

    I just worry about MS sometimes. They are advertising an Android phone yet barely promote their own gear.
  2. MacDaMachine's Avatar

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    Samsung paid for the advert so there it is.
  3. peachy001's Avatar

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    I 100% knew that was coming and I accept your point. However, can you imagine any other company doing it?

    You can't tell me they need the money that badly.
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    I am sure it's because Microsoft has a 3rd party in charge of advertising.
  5. peachy001's Avatar

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    Cheers for the responses guys. I had suspected as much, but still.... Poor show.
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    It's also possible that Microsoft allows Samsung to advertise all of its products, since Samsung does make Windows Phones and Windows 8 PCs/tablets.

  7. Averry's Avatar

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    I would anticipate that denying certain companies ad space by discrimination could incite law suits, so I'm sure it's handled separately to prevent legal issues.
  8. peachy001's Avatar

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    The ironic thing is that I fired up the Channel 4 app to see if they had the programme that I wanted. The had it, I started playing and the first load of ads were all Lumia phones.

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