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    What does the lifetime of a phone rele mean ?
    Is it d talktime usage ?
    The total usage of the phone when d display is on ?
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    Please rephrase your question. Difficult to understand.

    The expected life expectancy of a mobile device varies per user. Sometimes technology dictates this but thats rare. Depends upon how hard the user is on the device. To give an example The Sammy Focus device I carrier for two years and was in perfect condition was destroyed by my roomate in two months.
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    If you're referring to "life timer" in diagnostics, it means total talk time.
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    First off,

    Lets try to use complete words OK? Not everyone understands that jibberish shorthand you are trying to type...

    There are 2 timers/counters that are used

    Lifetime timer = total minutes talked
    Data counter = total MB downloaded on phone over cellular (but can be any network)

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