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    Can you hook up a Mouse to the Pro?
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    Actually I even tried hooking up a usb hub to my Surface RT and had a mouse, keyboard, printer, and camera hooked up at the same time! And it all worked!

    If it works with RT I'm sure it works with Pro!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CSI Guy View Post
    Can you hook up a Mouse to the Pro?
    You can absolutely hook up mouse to it. You can hook up printer to Surface RT and thousands of other USB devices, not to talk about atom and core Windows 8 tablets were you have access to drivers.
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    The surface Pro is a laptop, anything you can do with a run of the mill laptop from Staples you'll be able to do with the Pro.
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    Does the OP even know that the PRO runs on x64/86?

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    I have a Logitech wireless mouse connected to my RT right now and it works perfect.
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    With only one USB port, I personally think you're better off using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, personally, but like the others have said, any will work.

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