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    I am in MA where we are digging out from 27" of snow (and it's still falling) the governor signed an order that all vehicular travel is banned except for a few exceptions and is punishable by a $500 fine and 1 year of jail time! I don't think getting to the MS store to either sell or buy the surface is considered essential so, guess I am waiting a while--at least everyone else I the state is in the same boat...
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    Glad I live in New Hampshire, where we don't get told we can't drive but only "urged". Heading to Best Buy soon
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    No Surface today because of lack of shipment...
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    It wouldn't matter if it was nothing but beautiful sunshine and 80 degrees. You won't be getting a 128gb Surface Pro today. I can't find not one in the whole state of Texas or online for that matter.
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    There's a 128gb at the Copperfield store and a 128gb at the Atascocita store (near Humble) as of an hour ago. Too far for me to go get, but a Houstonite could still snag one.
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    People bought em out, and are selling them on eBay. Last price update for a 128 GB was 1399.00 lol. Good luck.

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