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    Hey guys .. FYI . Got mine yesterday and charged it overnight and it will not turn on. Was on the phone with support and I arranged a replacement but they won't send it overnight, even if I was willing to pay for it. I was hoping to bring it to a meeting tomorrow and demo it as a workstation replacement but will have to hold off.

    The light does come on at the tip and I did try to plug it into different wall sockets. They did have me hold the power button for 30 seconds and quickly tap 3 times on the power button, not sure what that is suppose to do.

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    Did you try holding down the power button and the volume down button? I have had to do that to my RT device in the past to get it to work.

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    Thanks Bryan .. I did try that. Also weird, when I plug the power connector to the device the LED light does not come on right away. If I hit the power button the led light immediately turns on. Since I am not getting the replacement in for 3 days I have been trying different ways to get it to turn on and have no success. My keyboard will be delivered in a bit I am hoping that may fix it, last hope.

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