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    I had to go through security at Houston Hobby airport and it fell off the side and I didn't notice for 20 minutes. Wonder if they sell them in bulk? Anybody finds it they can have it only used it for 6 days. Still like new.
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    get yourself one of these, it has a pocket for the charger and stylus
    Microsoft Surface Padded Nylon Sleeve
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    Yeah, I've worried about this. I just end up leaving my stylus at work since I figure that's the most likely place I'll need it. I really would have been OK with Microsoft making the surface a tad bigger to house the stylus. They could have even used a smaller stylus...the mini one from my co workers Galaxy note works on the surface and mine works on his.
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    Staples sent me a $40 off of $80 coupon so I bought an extra stylus and extra charger for $70.. That's the best coupon staples has ever sent me an it was at just the right time.

    Figure I will leave one stylus at work and one at home.. I tried carrying it around connected to the SP but I just kept either knocking it off or taking it off to charge the Pro and forgetting about it. I think it will be better off either in my laptop bag or shirt pocket.

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