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    So this is pretty self explanatory.... is it?

    Because it seems that way to me, as It just seems to be more responsive and quicker overall.
  2. kittengirl's Avatar

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    It sort of seems like it might. Maybe I'll have to borrow husband's RT back and try them side by side. I bought the type cover AND a touch cover for my new Pro, a do prefer the type one, but the touch one being just slightly slimmer seems good for travel (plus I wanted one of the designer ones. I wish I could afford all 3, actually, because I like them all).
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    YES!!! I just got my surface pro (have an RT) and I was thinking the SAME THING while setting it up. Seems way more usable. I may not have to get a type cover after all (at least for now).
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    It seems to get the key presses much more accurately and the touch pad seems more sensitive as well. I was using the type cover and swapped it to see how it was and it is noticeably better than before.
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