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    Where is the best place to buy custom accessories, like cases, covers..vet? I looked at wpcentals website and I didn't see a lot
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    Microsoft store...
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    Quote Originally Posted by unstoppablekem View Post
    Microsoft store...
    They don't sell custom accessories. There isn't much on amazon and eBay but so far they are the best places I have seen. Hopefully staples, best buy ECT... Start carrying some..😊
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    I haven't found much yet, but there are covers and screen protectors and a few small things on Amazon. Good too since MSoft is out of screen protectors
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    i ordered a sleeve from incipio, although i think it's available at the microsoft online store, too.
    Microsoft Surface Padded Nylon Sleeve
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    @gary I bought the black version at the Microsoft store. The bad part is the side pocket doesn't really hold the power cable well.
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