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    Sorry if this has been answered already. I moved my main folders on the Surface to my SD Card (Music, Video, Pictures, etc) hoping that when I downloaded Music and Videos from the Xbox stores they would go here. Music seems to work fine, but videos are still downloaded somewhere on the C: drive. Anyone know where this is, and how I can move them to the SD Card?
  2. dark.davy's Avatar

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    I had this too. I believe if you go into either Pictures or the Pictures library, you will find them. (I dont have my surface in front of me right now)

    It stumped me for a little while as well, but came across them when syncing some stuff to skydrive.
  3. Zipadedooda's Avatar

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    I had the same question and cannot find them in the suggested places or anywhere else.

    I also have another question on the same topic. I have created my video library on the SD Card and have movies that are recognised in 'Videos' however when I add new movies to the library they don't refresh into the My Videos area in 'Videos'. Anyone having the same issues or worked out how to fix it.
  4. Addinsx's Avatar

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    Was this ever answered? I did a search of the C drive to eventually find the file, but it wouldn't let me move it. Thoughts?

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