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    Guys, I just paid for a version of Board Express Pro for Surface RT & can highly recommend it. The app is very well laid out & kudos to the developers. Performance is good. I have nothing at all to do with the developers but just wanted to give you all a heads up. The app. Cost 1.39 in the UK store & I for one don't mind paying for quality software & to support the devs who will make or break this platform.

    I use the Windowsphone app. frequently & for me this is a great addition to my Surface tablet & has all the features you would expect.
    Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express Pro
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    bought the WP app, but waiting for a sale or something to justify buying it twice.
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    I believe you, but until they show they're willing to work on there WP8 app, I won't be spending any more of my $$$ unless its free.

    The support is trash and no one responds to question and answers. So glad we have our own app for the forums. Hopefully we get one for the Surface and other WP8 tablets.

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