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    I purchased a Surface RT on launch day with a type cover, and have had this issue all along - when I'm typing using my Type cover, the key presses sometimes don't work.

    I try unplugging and replugging the Type Cover, but still the same issue exists. This is intermittent (for example, I am typing this post, and the word 'intermittent', when I typed it out the first time, it didn't show up, I had to re-type the whole word and it worked the 2nd time).

    Anyone else experiencing this? Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.
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    this only happens to me when i am using it on my lap, or chest, or any other non-desk surface. when using it on a desk the type cover has no such problems for me. seems a little ironic that they named the device the surface.
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    I had this same issue and needed to replace the keyboard, although they sent me a new Surface instead which fixed the problem.

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