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    So John Lewis in the UK will be selling the Microsoft Surface, all well and good if they could get the specs right...

    Buy Microsoft Surface Tablet with Windows RT, 32GB, Wi-Fi, Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3, 10.6", Graphite online at JohnLewis.com
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    479? hope that includes the touchcover as no mention of it being part of the package? or if they are available seperately and only looks like the 32gb model is a John Lewis exclusive. Hopefully that means the 64gb is exclusive to another retailer.
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    I'd be afraid to break my .65mm version of a surface
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    Surface rt 64gig ordered from john lewis, pick up tomorrow. What can i expect? Was going to wait for pro but will probably be too expensive.
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    I went to have a look at the John Lewis on Oxford street to see if I could get some hands-on time with the surface and got no luck. Too many people were queuing up to try it out (though oddly no one else noticed the Samsung ativ tab that was a few feet away - that seemed pretty nice but 550 is a bit much for my taste).

    I really want to try out the touch cover, though the fact that John Lewis only put out *one* surface beggared belief.
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    no surprise there. It seems that always Europe and the rest of the world appreciates quality, while the riff raff in the US complain and whine about price.

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