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    When ever I pause a video, weather it be in the video app or on a YouTube video, the last tone/note played continues to pay in one long annoying loop until you unpause the video. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Do you have all the updates installed? I had this problem come up after the first big patch, then it got hotfixed a few days later and I haven't had the problem since.
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    Yep...everything up to date and it still does it. I wish they would just ****-can this Xbox Music and Video garbage and bring us back the Zune. Nothing has been right since the switch to this new version of their media programs.
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    Strange, I'd try doing a partial wipe first, so that way you don't have to redo all your settings and apps again. If that doesn't work then do a full wipe. If that doesn't take care of it then it may be a hardware problem.

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