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    Just in case you didn't know
    I just noticed it and downloaded this much needed app yesterday
    Never could get it to work on my BB Playbook

    Now if I can just get access to an IPsec compliant Cisco VPN Client for remote desktop-ing into my work PC my surface will be complete as a laptop replacement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inteller View Post
    yep saw it, don't need it though as I use remote desktop.
    I use remote desktop as well but am unable to connect offsite. Any recommendations on how to do this?
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    Now I just need webex or windows live meeting and the ability be the presenter and that will make windows rt work as a laptop replacement for when I travel. Sales force would also help...
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    without the IPsec cisco VPN no Remote Desktop for me
    the fact that gotomeeting works must mean that java runtime must be working which opens the doors to allot of other apps I use as well.
    most clients of bigger ERP solutions use a client app that runs off of Java Runtime Manager.
    didn't think windows RT supported that
    who knows maybe chrome is next?
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    TeamViewer is a pretty good solution for remote desktop. They have a free app in the Windows 8 Marketplace. You can try it for free.
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    I don't think SalesFarce will support Windows other than through IE. They're pretty anti-MS.
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    Is there a way to enable the front-facing camera w/this app so others in the GTM can see me and vice versa? I can do this on Android and my desktop computer.

    Also, what about screen sharing? Thanks.

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