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    So I just got a cyan JBL Power Up speaker. My Nokia Lumia 920 works great with it but I also want my surface RT to connect to them. I have gone into my surface settings, gone to device, then clicked "add a device". It starts to look but it never shows up. I've tried everything I can think of; disconnecting my lumia 920, turning off and on the speakers, and clicking "Not what your looking for?" and reading all the info. Is there some trick that I need to know to make my surface compliable with my JBL Power Up speakers. Or should I just give up and live with out it.

    Help please!!!
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    I've never tried to pair it - but here are the steps needed with some troubleshooting options:

    Add Bluetooth device | Bluetooth and Surface
  3. pippyo03's Avatar

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    Yes the speakers said the it connects universally to Bluetooth devives
  4. chuks22's Avatar

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    u need unpair the speaker from the nokia first
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    I've tried when the Nokia is not connected but I'll try to delete it all together
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    I'm not sure but I would think it could it has nfc
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    Ok thanks I'll take a look at it.
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    Thanks guys figured it out. Apparently I just didn't know how to pair a devise to it. I just hold down the Bluetooth button on the speakers. I feel stupid.
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    Hey . Facing the same problem. How did it work?
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    I just got one of these and have managed (after screwing around for a few hours) to connect it to my Lumia 920, Surface RT and Windows 8.1 Desktop.

    I found I had a few driver errors but going into device manager (using devmgmt.msc) I managed to get it to work. For Windows 8.1 I had to update the drivers for my Bluetooth device, for the Surface RT I uninstalled the Bluetooth Radio and then restarted, when it reinstalled it all worked.

    So yes - it can connect to all these devices - if you're happy to persevere with it!

    It could only connect to one device at a time though, so while setting it up I had to make sure I turned off the Bluetooth in the others, e.g. turned off Bluetooth on the Surface and phone when trying to set up the Desktop.

    Hope that helps!

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