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    Has anyone tried this registry tweek yet? I even went as far as going all the way down to 1. I'm not sure if it's psychological, but it does seem faster.

    How to improve Surface's touch responsiveness with a simple Registry tweak | Pureinfotech
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    The source has a link to the XDA forums. There are some people there that have done it. I haven't bothered. Don't really notice any lag.
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    I have tried this. I set mine from default 8 to 2 and back. I did this twice and have not noticed any differences after rebooting. But that's just me
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    I've noticed that clicking on links register touches faster now. Whereas, sometimes it would take up to 3 seconds to even see some type of visual confirmation (the moving dots that signifies that IE is thinking).
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    it's faster for sure.. love it
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    Wow its day and night. It is zippy. Apps open faster, browsing is more fun. Typing totally rocks now.
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    I went back in and changed the latency to 0. But kept sampling at 2.
    Things I have noticed to improve are:
    • greatly enhanced touch typing experience, specially if you type fast.
    • games are way more responsive
    • using fresh paint app I can easily see how much better and faster the brushes works
    • in Mail app, selecting multiple emails works better and more natural
    • Copy / paste is faster and more responsive
    • there is no more "missed launch" of tiles. This used to happed often when I quickly tapped a tile and it would not register. So I had to tap the tile again and press longer. After the changes I have not experienced that once yet.

    battery seems fine. I am still monitoring it.

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