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    While playing a video on my Surface RT today, I ran across a cool feature that I didn't know about. I opened up the charms bar, hit the devices charm and then saw my Sony Bravia TV listed. I was then able to send the video to my TV. The quality was great and everything was simple. The biggest compliment that I can give is that "it just worked."

    I tried to do the same thing with Netflix, but it said "This app can't send to other devices right now." This gives me hope that this will be a feature in the near future.

    Anyway, it was a nice surprise to see this feature in the Video app and see how well it worked.
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    DLNA TV is pretty neat feature.
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    Yes! I love this feature. You can even go to the desktop side, windows explorer, and right click on downloaded video/movie, and there will be an option to "send to" and my Samsung tv shows up. No set up or anything. It just works!
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    I had been doing this with my Win7 laptop, but I had no idea the Surface RT would support it. Nice surprise!
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    Can you do this through an Xbox? I know it has dlna since the last update but I only have a phone to test it on and not everything is shareable.

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