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    I was at BB and they had the pro and rt side by side. I brought up one of Bing's beautiful images on both and did a real close AB comparison. I even used some light magnifiers that I use for close work. I had to get my face close to the screen to maybe see the difference. I have done this test on ipads "retina vs non-retina" with basically the same results.

    I am really feel these screen resolution wars are just a lot of hype when using NORMAL viewing distances. Just my opinion.
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    I agree. Back when iPad 3 was released, with it's lauded retina display, I went to the Apple store completely ready to upgrade my iPad 2. When I looked at the display I could hardly tell a difference unless I really looked closely. I kept my iPad 2. When I compared RT and Pro side by side the first time I completely forgot they had different screens. When I compared a second time I realized the difference is too subtle for me to care. The speed of the Pro was what really impressed me.
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    Yeah couldn't agree more! I did the exact same thing!
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    I went to staples and got confused as to which I was testing out without going into the system settings and double checking.

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