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  1. SahilShah's Avatar

    115 Posts
    Personally, I might change phones, but at a price point of $299, I will probably but it through the eBay venue. Hopefully, I might sell my 920 for $280 to $310. It's black, with one small scuff, three cases, original packaging, and Ghost Armor. Eh, sorry, I rambled. Anyone interested? Haha kidding, wrong place for that. But, onto the topic. Is anyone going to upgrade to the Lumia 1020 from their now 'outdated' Nokia 920?
  2. stmav's Avatar
    Retired Moderator

    3,685 Posts
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    3,767 Global Posts
    I was perfectly content with my 920 and was ready to ride out the contract with no problems. After seeing that demo today I'm not so sure. I never should've watched it!
  3. squire777's Avatar

    1,344 Posts
    Happy with the 920 so no I will not let capitalism get to my wallet for no reason.
  4. hegalong's Avatar

    14 Posts
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    18 Global Posts
    i gave my L920 to my sister....

    I want to hear the review first before I jump on the smoking gun. Hopefully, my expectations will be high. Otherwise, I will buy a 50 euro phone and go for Marantz MS7000..
  5. dkp23's Avatar

    1,494 Posts
    Global Posts
    1,529 Global Posts
    No, i have both a 920 and 620. 620 for every day and 920 for weekends and special events.

    I do have an upgrade, but dont think im gonna drop $300 for this.
  6. christenmartin's Avatar

    398 Posts
    Global Posts
    760 Global Posts
    Me no. Love the 920. The wife, maybe. She lost here camera and this is a grrrrreat! solution. And I get to justify buying a 1020.
  7. gandhirushi's Avatar

    38 Posts
    Nope. I love my Lumia 920. And $299 is a lotta money for L1020. I would love to see Nokia sell millions of 1020's though... Its a fantastic phone with out of the world camera.
    WhippedKream likes this.
  8. HeyCori's Avatar
    Mod Emeritus

    6,070 Posts
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    6,116 Global Posts
    If I was wealthy enough to buy whatever phones I wanted, yeah I would. However, I'm not so I'm going to use the upgrade on my second line.
  9. prjkthack's Avatar

    278 Posts
    Yep. I'll pre-order this bad boy in store (if possible), and then get one on launch day. Been waiting for this phone, even if I do love my 920 a ton.

    I hope that launch won't be a cluster**** of craziness that usually takes place when AT&T launches a Lumia, but it probably will be.
  10. hwalker84's Avatar

    152 Posts
    Yep. 920 will be my backup device.
    Bkr11 likes this.
  11. RodimusMajor's Avatar

    148 Posts
    No, as I don't have a 920, but I'm certainly ditching my 900 for it! Lol. But yeah, aside from my desperate need to move up to WP8, the 1020 strikes me as a perfect synthesis of all the improvements of the 925 and 928 (minus the 925's aluminium bits), packaged along with that awesome camera in a device that I can actually get on my carrier.
  12. tissotti's Avatar

    1,105 Posts
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    1,107 Global Posts
    Stop complaining about the damn price. Bought Lumia 920 for 599 euros and will likely put +600 euros on Lumia 1020 before end of this year.

    Granted in US, where phone market is nothing else than operator controlled with everybody being tied to a contract and you already have Lumia 920, it might indeed be worth to wait till the next wave of flagships (likely around October already in Nokia World) if Lumia 1020 doesn't tickle you right.

    For me who uses 808 PV pretty much as a standalone camera and MP3 player these days, I'm so stoked to be able combine my Lumia 920 and 808PV! I'm also a bit surprised they went all the way by adding OIS, 6-lenses and BSI. Never was expecting that to happen. They still managed to make the over all body thinner than Lumia 920, so this is looking perfect for me.
    mister2d and theefman like this.
  13. theefman's Avatar

    3,888 Posts
    Global Posts
    3,889 Global Posts
    Funny how people are saying $299 is expensive, what should people not on at&t and importing say paying the unlocked price? I will probably be upgrading my 920, this camera tech is unique and while there will be 1080p quad core WP's later this year none of those features really do anything special or unique by themselves, they'll just be spec counts. Just like the 808 this tech will be hard to top for at least a year and with the added RAM seems a worthy move from my 920.
    tissotti and RodimusMajor like this.
  14. camptime's Avatar

    235 Posts
    Need to see it in person and decide if I like the look, Very happy with my red 920 and wished there was a red 1020. Not fussed on the yellow Nokia but it is now the only choice as black and white are boring.
  15. tissotti's Avatar

    1,105 Posts
    Global Posts
    1,107 Global Posts
    it should be added that Lumia 1020 yellow is matte.
    I liked yellow Lumia 1020, but with the addition of matte yellow I think i'm locked to go for yellow option.

    EDIT: It seems like all of the colors are matte actually.
    Last edited by tissotti; 07-11-2013 at 04:31 PM.
  16. vlad0's Avatar

    1,070 Posts
    This the best WP by far.. if you want the best, you need to switch from whatever else you own :)
    mister2d likes this.
  17. ninjaap's Avatar

    2,512 Posts
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    2,524 Global Posts
    Usually, the wife gets my hand-me-down phones. This time she's putting her foot down, refused my 920 and told me we were both going to get the 1020. I said "yes ma'am"! But will not buy for $299 from ATT. Instead we will go the usual route of waiting a month or two for the phone to show up on Amazon, since they never fail to undercut ATT pricing. Usually, by at least half the price.
  18. vlad0's Avatar

    1,070 Posts
    It will be 200 bucks in no time..

    Also, the camera tech alone is worth more than $300....
  19. moc426's Avatar

    268 Posts
    Global Posts
    321 Global Posts
    I wanted to get this and it is an amazing device but I convinced myself to pass it up for now. The camera is the biggest upgrade from the 920, which is amazing but it is not needed. I love photography and would love to have this device, but the lumia 920 takes great pictures and I own a great point and shoot and a dslr. The price will come down and end of the year we may have eos2. So I will wait it out and try to get around 2 years before making a switch, by then windows phone 9 might be out.
  20. tgzgeorge's Avatar

    89 Posts
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    592 Global Posts
    I will be, going to import the 64gb variant unlock
  21. jsk0703's Avatar

    111 Posts
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    379 Global Posts
    I'm on the fence. I have no real reason to switch from my 920 but I am impressed by the camera and extra memory. The only thing holding me back is the thought of what could come out this fall.
  22. mister2d's Avatar

    481 Posts
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    997 Global Posts
    Very likely I'll get the 1020 and will be putting the 920 Unlocked up on Amazon. Keep my 808 as a backup device.
  23. berty6294's Avatar

    3,339 Posts
    Global Posts
    3,354 Global Posts
    If I had a 920... or if I was on AT&T for that matter... I most certainly would upgrade!

    I guess the only good thing about Verizon is the lack of tough decisions...
    Nakazul likes this.
  24. majortom1981's Avatar

    234 Posts
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    242 Global Posts
    I will have to see . On other sites it has been stated we are getting the nokia pro camera app. I want to see a 920 pic and 1020 pic comparison first. IF its not a huge leap I will not buy the 1020 and will wait for a 1080p screen nokia later this year.
  25. LMZR's Avatar

    2,645 Posts
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    2,742 Global Posts
    I dont have a 920, but i'm considering purchasing a 1020 when it's comes down to Australia for the holiday season.
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