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  • 3 Post By someoneinwa
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    I bought a 1020 from the Microsoft Store in Seattle today, along with at least a few other people who were activating phones along with me. I picked up the camera grip accessory which was free in the physical store just as it is in the online Microsoft Store. They also had the wireless charging cover in stock, but only in black.

    As I've noted in the unboxings I've watched, the 1020 comes with a wrist strap. Interestingly, a wrist strap also came in the camera grip package. So I have an extra.

    The promotional material with the phone includes an NFC card that opens up a Nokia website which has some pretty good information about the 1020 and using the Pro Cam app. Some users won't learn anything from it, but I found the videos helpful.

    I watched Daniel Rubino's video about the Glance feature. Interestingly, the 1020 does not include the Peek option that he shows in the video. The only options are Off, Timed, and Always On. Timed runs for 15 minutes and does shut off when you cover the sensor such as by putting the phone in your pocket.

    Microsoft includes a $10 credit for app purchases with the phone. I haven't heard if AT&T is doing that too.

    I love my 920, but I've already become a big fan of the AMOLED screen on the 1020.

    I took advantage of the free upgrade to 50GB of storage in the AT&T Locker app. This is the first AT&T app on a phone I haven't uninstalled.

    I am looking forward to taking lots pictures and videos this weekend.
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    Hmm, I got mine from the Bellevue MS store. I saw some people get the 10$, but mine didn't. I also heard that the display settings has an update that enabled peak option. The bellevue square store didn't have charging covers though.. I will have to check on the 10$ credit tho.
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    ATT Locker murders the battery on my 920. I uninstalled that quickly.
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    I also picked up my 1020 from the Microsoft "store" here in Oklahoma City (its actually a small kiosk type setup in the middle of the mall while they build the store front). Was able to get price matching for the AT&T web site, the free camera grip accessory, and a coupon for $25 off any purchase of $75 or more (something about doing a demo of their pen/stylus). They also had a small flyer up for $50 off with any windows phone with a new 2 year contract. All in all a way better deal than I would have gotten from AT&T. They didn't mention anything about $10 towards the app store though.
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    the peek option is an update that comes to your phone approximately 48 hours after you first boot it up.

    Don't ask me why...part of microsoft/nokia's bizarre update pushing infrastructure.
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    i ahve locker as well on my 920 no battery issues, i do have background tasks off for the app. Make sure you turn off background tasks, not sure it needs to be on all the time.

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